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Captives & Self-Funded Health Plans

Companies with more than 50 enrolled employees on their health insurance plan should strongly consider joining a Captive. Being a member of a captive allows businesses to take on a more active role in managing and financing their employees’ healthcare costs. By joining, employers can become self fund their health insurance plan, but mitigate risk by being a part of the larger risk pool of the Captive.

Captives are insurance companies that are owned and controlled by their members, rather than outside investors. By joining a captive, companies can have more control over the design and pricing of their employee benefits, and can potentially reduce costs by pooling risk with other member companies. Additionally, captives can provide access to reinsurance markets and may offer more flexibility in terms of coverage options.

Lucas Signorelli and his firm Daniel & Henry represent Pareto Health, the largest Health Insurance Captive in the United States. Pareto helps companies lower their cost of employee healthcare by banding together with 2,000 other like-minded employers to achieve the collective power of a Fortune 100 health plan.

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Below are the highlighted benefits of joining ParetoHealth:

  • Lower your Cost of Employee Benefits by 10%+ 
  • Combine Buying Power of 2,000+ companies
  • Join Group of 450,000 Employees
  • Achieve Total Control over Plan Design
  • Gain Complete Access to Claims Data
  • 100% Employer Owned
  • Largest Employee Benefits Captive in USA

To learn more, you may watch this short video HERE:

Self-Insurance Done Right

If you have 50+ members enrolled on your health insurance plan, and would like to learn more about becoming self-funded by joining a Captive like Pareto Health, please click HERE to schedule time with Lucas and his team.

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